PG&E Suggested Power Line-Compatible Palms And “Palm-like” Trees

Posted May 4th, 2016 by admin

Palm Trees

While Palm trees help to capture a coastal feel, many varieties pose a threat to power lines. Palm fronds can break off in high winds and cause power outages and palm tree growth cannot be directed away like other trees. When planting new trees near power lines, please keep these thoughts in mind:

  1.  Trees should reach a maximum height of 25 ft at maturity
  2. Larger palms should be planted at minimum 50 ft from power lines
  3. Incompatible vegetation is subject to removal*

Below are some of the suggested Palm tree and “Palm-like” trees, which PG&E has approved for planting near power lines.

“Palm-Like” Trees

  • Cabbage Tree

    • Cordyline australis

      • Mature height: 25 ft

      • Spread: 12 ft

  • Dragon Tree

    • Draceana draco

      • Mature height: 20 ft

      • Spread: 15ft

  • Sago Palm

    • Cycas revoluta

      • Mature height: 12 ft

      • Spread: 6 ft

  • Tasmanian Tree Fern

    • Dicksonia antarctica

      • Mature height: 15 ft

      • Spread: 10 ft

  • Variegated Yucca

    • Yucca elephantipes ‘marginata’

      • Mature height: 20 ft

      • Spread: 15 ft

Final Notes:

Most of these trees are drought tolerant, and require little water once established.
(However, ample water during establishment will help lead to growth and a longer lasting plant)


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